Activities for children and teenagers throughout the year

Our youth group, Noam Masorti Youth, offers empowering events and activities for Masorti Judaism’s young people. Marom is the Masorti organisation for students and young adults.

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  • Masorti Judaism
  • 10th Jun 2021

Happy pride! Pride Picnic with the Masorti LGBT+ Network

Happy Pride Month from the Masorti LGBT+ Network! We are hosting...

  • Masorti Judaism
  • 04th Jun 2021

Join us: Queer Mitzva – The Noam Pride 2021 Bnei Mitzva event!

Noam is delighted to invite you to join us at...

  • Masorti Judaism
  • 03rd Jun 2021

Join us: Masorti Thinks: Culture wars, echo chambers and mahloket leshem shamayim (debates for the sake of heaven)

Join us for the next session in our Masorti Thinks...

  • Masorti Judaism
  • 01st Jun 2021

Watch: Masorti Thinks – LGBT+ Rabbis

Hear from a panel of LGBT+ Masorti rabbis about their...

I’d like to learn more about being a Masorti Jew. How can I do that?

Thanks for your interest in Masorti Judaism! Visit our learning page to read our latest articles and watch videos from our rabbis and members of the Masorti community. You can also visit our events page to join in with our online events and learn with us. 

I’d like to contribute to the Masorti website and social media. How can I get involved?

We’re always looking for new ideas for the Masorti website and social media. Please contact [email protected] with your essays, videos, recipes, photos and more. We’d love to see them!


What does a Masorti service look like?

It will be familiar to anyone who’s grown up in a traditional synagogue. It’s in Hebrew, uses the traditional liturgy – with one or two innovations – and familiar melodies. Some of our synagogues also offer alternative and explanatory services.

Are Masorti communities LGBT+ inclusive?

Yes. People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome in Masorti communities. Most Masorti synagogues also offer same-sex ceremonies and marriage registration.


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