The Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) gives applicants the chance to demonstrate Jewish practice when applying to many Jewish schools. Collecting CRP points allows you to prove that you are eligible for a faith place at the schools you are applying to. Most schools recognise Masorti synagogue attendance as proof of Jewish practice.


Each year applications must be made before 31st October for all Year 7 admissions and 15th January for Primary Reception admissions. 

 Here is a checklist to help you meet all the requirements: 

1. You will need to complete a Common Application Form (CAF) for the Local Authority in which you live and not the authority of the school to which you are applying. This can be done via the government website: You will be asked to enter your postcode and will then be automatically redirected to your Local Authority website. The online applications system is quick, easy and secure and forms can be amended at any time up to the closing date. 

2. You can list up to six schools in order of preference, with number 1 being your child’s preferred school. Remember to put the schools in the order you want them as the Local Authority will allocate you a school in that order. The more choices you provide the more likely you get a school of your choice and not just a school assigned to you by your local authority. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you fill in all available choices and leave no blanks. It is important to note that the number of choices may vary from borough to borough. 

Make sure that you look out for a confirmation email from your Local Authority and keep your login details and reference number somewhere safe. You can make changes and additions to your application right up to the deadline date but you must remember to press the ‘submit’ button by that date otherwise your application will be considered as incomplete and you will not be offered any school. 

 3. The Local Authority will allow you to upload the following types of documents: 

  • Proof of the Child’s Home Address. This must not show any personal details about parents and families, such as maiden names, criminal convictions, marital or financial status (including marriage certificates). 
  • Proof of the Child’s Date of Birth. Only the short version of a birth certificate may be submitted. 
  • Proof of the child being in care/previously in care 
  • Proof of Medical or Social Reason for Preference 
  • The document should be in JPG or PDF format and no bigger than 5MB. 

If you are applying to schools in the private sector you do not have to complete a CAF as these schools may have their own application processes. 

4. You will also need to complete each school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) with reference to the unique ethos of the school. Please note that this must be sent directly to the school. This form can usually be found on the schools’ websites. 

5. You should also check if the school requires any other forms such as the Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) and follow each school’s guidelines to fulfil these requirements. This form can usually be found on the schools’ websites. You will need to collect points for synagogue attendance, formal Jewish education and/or volunteering in the Jewish community and, in some cases, other evidence of religious practice. 

Parents who have a child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) or Educational, Health and Care (EHC) Plan should apply through their Local Authority’s Special Educational Needs team to ensure that the correct consultation procedure between parents, school and SEN team at the Local Authority can take place. 

Offer dates 

You will receive an offer of a secondary school place on 1 March and a primary school place on 16 April, or the next working day if these dates fall on a weekend. If you do not receive the school of your choice on these dates, there are often several rounds of offers, particularly for secondary schools. 

Please visit and contact your local Masorti community for more information. 

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