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If you’re looking for inspiration and the practical skills to bring people into a distinct community with a shared purpose, join the new cohort of Masorti’s community leaders.

Across monthly sessions, we explore the principles of community organising as well as the practical skills that have helped elevate and mobilise our growing network of leaders.

From getting your teeth into what it means to be a relational leader, to learning the tools to facilitate a well-run listening campaign, this course will skill you up, develop your ideas, and provide an empowering space to grow as a community organiser.

Click here to register your interest for the JCO course beginning in November 2021.

“This course has been revelatory. It has completely changed my community. We went from no structure, no leadership, and no direction, to forming committees, electing chairs, running a listening campaign and resolving a number of new directions for the group…. By empowering me with knowledge and skills and sharing those with others it felt organic and home grown.” – Anna Sheinman, Ohel Moed Community.

Developed in partnership with Citizens UK, this training programme builds on research into fast-growing communities and the tools of community organising to teach you how to grow your membership. We’ll explore five tried and tested levers of growth:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Outreach and recruitment
  • A culture of welcome
  • Developing your members
  • High quality programming that fits members’ needs

We’ll train up a team of volunteer leaders, help you assess your community’s areas for development, and support you as you make plans and take action. The results? More members and deeper levels of participation, relationships and leadership.

“Our numbers have been up so much that we’ve had to move into a new venue… People really want to get involved. When we’ve reached out to people to join a team, or to have a one-to-one, or a house meeting, the vast majority of people have responded very enthusiastically. Our members want to do more for the shul community, and they want to see our community grow and thrive.” – Rabbi Roni Tabick, New Stoke Newington Shul

For more information please contact Masorti deputy chief executive Rachel Sklan.

Annual conferences and online series aimed at volunteer and professional leaders from across the Masorti movement. Recent topics have included:

The purpose-driven leader – Exploring the importance of identifying our own areas of expertise, interest and drive.

Strategic bridging – How can we ensure our communities have a clear set of goals, with operational systems that reflect our vision?

Dynamic councils & meetings – Explore the structures of your community. How can we think creatively about running our communities so that our structures reflect our purpose?

For more information or to book bespoke training for your community, please contact deputy chief executive Rachel Sklan.

Visit our events page to join one of our upcoming leadership events.

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