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Texts and beliefs By Rabbi Joel Levy 24th May 2018

Being and Becoming

For years, my wife Susanna and I have struggled at classical concerts. She was a professional musician for many years,...

Jewish culture By Rabbi Jeremy Gordon 22nd Jun 2016

A Three Part Guide to Jewish Life – Part One – Belief

This is what I don't mean by belief. There is now evidence gravity waves exist. Physicists are relieved, they no...

Jewish ritual By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg 10th Feb 2020

On Tu Be’Shevat

For two millennia Judaism has had its own Arbor Day, Tu B'Shevat, the New Year for Trees. I don’t know when the...

Ethics & social issues By Dr Laura Miller 08th Feb 2017

Tu BiShvat

“All my days I have been careful never to pluck a blade of grass or a flower needlessly, when it...

Jewish culture By Rabbi Zahavit Shalev 18th Aug 2015

Seeking Monsieur Chouchani

In the Jewish graveyard of Montevideo, Uruguay, can be found an inscription on a gravestone that reads: “The wise Rabbi...

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