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Jewish culture By Rabbi Daniella Kolodny 10th Apr 2021

Lag B’Omer 5781

A few years ago, I arrived in Jerusalem on the evening of Lag B'Omer.  As my Nesher sherut approached the...

Texts and beliefs By Rabbi Natasha Mann 15th Feb 2019

The Book of Job

The Book of Iyov (Job) is a story about a universal human struggle: the problem of undeserved suffering. Iyov is...

Jewish culture By Rabbi Natasha Mann 04th Feb 2022

Rainbow Rabbis, with Rabbis Natasha Mann and Mark Solomon

This LGBT+ History Month we want to celebrate the rich and vibrant history of LGBT+ Jews. In this talk, Rabbi Natasha was...

Ethics & social issues By Masorti Judaism 21st Jun 2021

Watch: Israeli Dilemmas: Contemporary Voices – Serving Israel

Part one of our Israeli Dilemmas: Contemporary Voices series. With Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Joel Carmel, Avital Cooper and Alon Weltman....

Jewish ritual By Masorti Judaism 13th Apr 2020

The Pesach Seder

Here are the 14 steps of the Pesach Seder, introduced and explained by the rabbinic team at New London Synagogue.

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