For Masorti Judaism, social justice is not a pursuit motivated by compassion or contemporary values. Instead, it is an obligation – part of the halachic system which moulds every aspect of life. To walk the path of halachah, we must take seriously the calls to protect the poor, fight on behalf of the oppressed and care for the vulnerable members of society. We do so not only because we believe it is right, but because we believe that the Master of the World requires it of us.

Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet, St Albans Masorti Synagogue  

Get involved with social justice projects

Ukraine Emergency Appeals


World Jewish Relief has launched a special appeal. Paul Anticoni, CEO of WJR, writes:

We have access to the country and, via our partners, are getting supplies in, and people out, every day. We are also scaling up our refugee employment programmes in preparation to assist Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK. But we urgently need more donations. The need for our humanitarian assistance is astronomical and increasing by the day. So far, our appeal has raised £3.5 million, but we now expect we will need £10 million to spend over the next 6-12 months on meeting urgent needs.

To donate click here.


Masorti Olami, which supports Masorti congregations across the world, is appealing for our direct help:

The needs in Ukraine are changing and growing daily, based on the situation on the ground. We have compiled the most pressing needs that have been shared with us by our representatives in the communities in Ukraine, towards which your donations are and will be going. While it is still extremely difficult to transfer funds to those on the ground, together with our partners at The Schechter Institutes, we have found several reliable ways to get our communities the necessary funds across the borders and into Ukraine to where it is needed most.

We are collecting money for Masorti Olami. Click here to donate.

Practical Actions

Homes for Ukraine

People who would like to host refugees need to complete the Homes for Ukraine form on the government web portal and this WJR registration form.

Petitioning the Government

The Board of Deputies has petitioned the government to speed up and simplify the process for entering the UK. Confusion and delays have caused considerable added suffering. See the letter here. Feel free to contact your MP.

Our communities

New North London Synagogue are co-ordinating offers of help from their members. Learn more.



Masorti is proud to support Our Second Home, a youth movement begun by Noam Masorti Youth graduates that empowers refugees and migrants to flourish in the place that they call home. There are thousands of young refugees and migrants arriving in the UK every year. Our Second Home believes in the unbounded potential of these individuals and are driven to help them thrive. Residential experiences are at the start of this journey, allowing Our Second Home to create a space where we can build a community, teach leadership skills and spark ideas. With the right support, their ambition is to ensure that young refugees and migrants have the agency to take control of their own lives. To learn more about their work click here.

We are excited to announce the launch of our LGBT+ Inclusion Project, in partnership with KeshetUK and funded by a three-year grant from the National Lottery Community Fund. Over the project we want:

  •  LGBT+ people to feel more included, celebrated and accepted within our communities
  • Masorti Judaism’s values of inclusion and diversity to be clearer and more publicly visible
  • Every Masorti community participating in the project to improve their practice on inclusion and diversity
  • To disseminate the results of the project across the Jewish community and to other faith groups

To get involved in the project or to join the Masorti LGBT+ Network, please contact [email protected].

The New London Synagogue Drop-In runs on the first Sunday afternoon of every month at the Archer Academy, London, N2 8GA. Volunteers are invited to bring food, donate clothing and toiletries and help sort donations. To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

The NNLS Destitute Asylum Seekers Drop in was set up in March 2006 as a project of the New North London Synagogue (NNLS) to offer support to a very vulnerable group seeking refuge in the UK. The Drop In now supports over 650 destitute asylum seekers and their children every month. Our volunteers offer legal signposting, appointments with doctors and therapists, nutritious cooked food, nearly-new or new clothing and footwear and a welcoming, warm and friendly space. To learn more about volunteering, please click here.

Senior Masorti Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg is a founder of EcoSynagogue, an organisation that exists to promote environmental sustainability and engagement across the Jewish community in response to the climate crisis. To learn more, click here.

EcoSynagogue, New North London Synagogue, St Albans Masorti Synagogue and several other organisations have launched JTree. Planting and protecting forests, and repairing the damage already done to them, is essential to the survival of all life.

We are a proud member of CitizensUK, an alliance of diverse local communities working together for the common good. Together, we organise to tackle injustices in our local communities. Learn more about CitizensUK here.

Jewish leaders, while they may need to fight, should first and foremost be people who care for those less fortunate, who take care of the most vulnerable in society. This is the challenge for all of us, the legacy we have to live up to. The Torah tells us that we are not measured by our strength, by our martial prowess, but rather by how we care for the powerless, how we address issues of justice in our society, how we care for refugees, for the homeless, for the destitute. It is “not by might, and not by power” but by the divine spirit that we will be judged.

Rabbi Roni Tabick  

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