Starting a new Masorti community might be an option for you if you’re looking for:

  • a convenient, local synagogue
  • a synagogue which is Jewishly comfortable for you
  • a Jewish community which is traditional, inclusive and egalitarian
  • a meaningful Judaism that isn’t frightened to address all difficult questions
  • a Jewish experience that deals with heart and soul as well as keen intellect
  • a welcoming, non-judgemental space
  • other people who share your values

Starting a new community is a long-term responsibility and a holy endeavour. But you can start small with a group of friends or neighbours who want to participate in occasional services, study sessions or social activities. We can guide you through the process, as we have a wealth of experience to offer you on your journey.

Click here to read our advice on starting a new community. You’ll find a route-map for growing your new group as well as case studies about three of our most successful communities. Find out: how did they get started?  How did they manage the most important transitions and stages of development? And what was the secret of their success?

Learn more about our Masorti communities here and if you’re interested in starting a Masorti community please contact our Deputy Chief Executive Rachel Sklan for an initial conversation.

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