Interested in becoming a rabbi?

Our rabbis are Masorti Judaism’s most valuable asset and expanding our rabbinic team is one of our top priorities. Click here to learn more about our Masorti rabbis and chazanim.

Training to be a Masorti rabbi typically involves a five year programme of study – in-depth Jewish learning combined with vocational training and practical placements in the community – at one of the following institutions:

Masorti Judaism is able to support a limited number of rabbinical students with a full bursary and stipend.

Embarking on rabbinical training usually involves the following steps:

  1. Initial conversation with Masorti Judaism staff
  2. Exploratory meetings with Masorti rabbis to learn more about the role
  3. Applying to us for a bursary
  4. Deciding which rabbinical school to apply for and making an application

In addition, many prospective students spend a year or two engaged in full time Jewish learning – for example at the Conservative (Masorti) Yeshiva in Jerusalem – before deciding to apply for rabbinical school.

To begin exploring the possibility of becoming a Masorti rabbi, please contact us for an informal chat.

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