When They Came For Me: The Hidden Diary Of An Apartheid Prisoner with New North London Synagogue

Date: Wednesday 16th June, 8.30pm

Location: Online

Price: Voluntary Donation

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg in conversation with John Schlapobersky.

In 1969, while a student in South Africa, John Schlapobersky was arrested for opposing apartheid and tortured, detained and eventually deported. Interrogated through sleep deprivation, he later wrote secretly in solitary confinement about the struggle for survival. In his new exquisitely written memoir, based on two hidden diaries, one in his Bible and the other on toilet paper, John reflects on the singing of the condemned prisoners, the poetry, songs and texts that saw him through his ordeal, and its impact. The sense of hope through which he transformed his life guides his continuing work as a psychotherapist and his focus on the rehabilitation of others.

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