Watch: Conversion Journeys Behind the Curtain with New London Synagogue

Jewish ritual By Masorti Judaism 05th Jul 2021

Rabbi Natasha Mann, rabbi at New London Synagogue, is in conversation with Angela Gluck and Rabbi Chaim Weiner.

Rabbi Chaim Weiner is the head of the European Masorti Bet Din, which sees many conversion cases, and also deals with cases of Jewish law such as divorce procedures and kashrut supervision. His role includes working with small communities in Europe, and in normal times, he also travels to mainland Europe to sit on the EMBD there to oversee cases. Rabbi Chaim is also the former rabbi of New London Synagogue.

Angela Gluck teaches, shepherds, and pours and incredible amount of time and energy into the L’Hayim conversion course at New London Synagogue. She is also the author of over 40 books, a lifelong educator (and educator of educators), and a trustee of the Separated Child Foundation.

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