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Pesach during the Coronavirus crisis

2 Nisan 5780 / 27 March 2020 Introduction We are approaching Pesach, zeman cheiruteinu, the festival of our freedom, at an exceptionally difficult period for all people across the world. May the corona virus soon pass away and the world b...

Posted on 30 March 2020, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Shabbat HaChodesh

This Shabbat is the last of the four special Shabbatot which started with Shabbat Shekalim. On each of these Shabbatot, our Maftir comes from a second Sefer Torah, and there is a spec...

Posted on 20 March 2020, By Rabbi Amanda Golby
On Tu Be’Shevat

For two millennia Judaism has had its own Arbor Day, Tu B’Shevat, the New Year for Trees.I don’t know when the love of trees begins, when you first kick the piled autumn leaves and watch in delight as they scatter, when you coll...

Posted on 10 February 2020, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg