South Herts and Edgware Masorti (SHEMA)

Stream Lane, Edgware
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South Herts and Edgware Masorti (SHEMA)

At SHEMA, we believe Judaism should be authentic, honest and open-minded. Whether you are looking for a place to pray and learn, the opportunity to give or volunteer, an inspiring rabbi, or just a supportive group of friends, you willll find a warm welcome here.

We have created a caring community, where Jewish observance and worship are conducted in an inclusive, tolerant and open environment, combining traditional Judaism with a modern understanding of religious thought and practice.

We hold services in both Edgware and Borehamwood.  We are a friendly, growing community and welcome people of all levels of observance. Our services are traditional and we use the Masorti Sim Shalom prayer book in Borehamwood and Singers in Edgware. We have mixed seating and equal participation in services for both men and women in Borehamwood. 

We are proud of the warmth of our services and our educational, cultural and social events. Families sit together in our services, with men and women counted in the minyan and encouraged to be called up to the Torah, to Leyn and to read Haftarah.

Through our services and social activities, our youth and adult study programme, our commitment to community welfare and links with other Masorti Synagogues, we try to reach out to all Jews, whatever their level of observance.

You are welcome to visit one of our services, but advance registration is essential. For more information CONTACT US.

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