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Welcome to Noam – Masorti Youth

Noam is Masorti Judaism’s Zionist Youth Movement. Led entirely by young people, we run a busy programme of activities for children and teenagers throughout the year:

Summer Highlights

We run summer camps and tours for hundreds of young people in the UK, Europe and Israel. These include Kaytana (day camp) for 5-8 year olds, residential camps for ages 9-15, and a month-long Israel tour for young people age 16.

Community work

We run peulot (programmes), Shabbat activities and outings in most Masorti communities. We also run activities on festivals and combine Jewish education with social awareness, communication skills and games.

Merkaz Noam

Our weekly teenage centre runs on Sunday mornings for school years 9-12. Year

9 and 10 take part in Shnat Sherut, where they engage in social activism.

Meltam & Masa

Noam’s prestigious leadership training courses for years 11-12, held at Merkaz Noam.

Winter Camp and Veida

Held during the winter holiday period, Winter Camp is for years 5-8, and Veida, our annual conference, is for years 9 upwards. Veida is democracy at its best, where members discuss and make decisions about the future of our movement.


Our bogrim (school leavers) are at the heart of Noam. They volunteer as senior staff at events and camps and we stay in regular contact as they progress through university life.

Our Values

Noam invests in its young people by allowing them space to explore what they value, challenging them to take on new experiences and equipping them with the skills they need to become inspiring leaders.

  • We encourage our young people to develop their relationship with God and Judaism through prayer and studying Jewish texts.
  • We aim to nurture leaders who will bring about positive changes and a more just world through social action.
  • Noam is a Zionist movement that believes in aliyah and fosters a strong relationship with Israel.
  • Noam works to help all our members fulfil their true potential and form healthy and loving relationships in their lives.

To find out more about Noam or to book for our events please get in touch: