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Marom – Masorti Students and Young Adults

Welcome to Marom, the Masorti organisation for students and young adults. Marom runs programmes in local communities and on university campuses throughout the UK. We want to connect young adults with meaningful Jewish life on their own terms while developing the leaders of the future.

Marom Students is led by a team of volunteer campus reps who run activities including Shabbat dinners, egalitarian services, study sessions, social events and volunteer projects. We also work with Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth, our campus outreach rabbi, who provides Jewish learning opportunities and pastoral support for students.

Marom Young Adults supports grass-roots Jewish programming run by post-university young people. Activities, which are shaped by our members, include Friday night services and dinners, study sessions and guest speakers, volunteer projects and social events.

Marom Events


For students interested in deepening their involvement in Jewish learning, improving their Hebrew and perhaps studying Talmud for the first time. In this free programme, you’ll spend a month living in Jerusalem, studying at the Conservative (Masorti) Yeshiva and exploring Israel.

Student Reps Shabbaton

The annual Shabbat weekend allows our campus reps to share ideas about running activities on different campuses and to build a network of young community leaders.

Europe Trip

A 5-day trip for Marom students to a European destination – in the past students have travelled to Poland, Hungary and Lithuania. You’ll meet new people, learn about European Judaism and consider your own Jewish life in historical context.

International Marom

Opportunities to meet up with Marom members from other European countries, Israel and the Americas at international seminars and conferences.

Please contact our student fieldworker, young adults organiser or campus outreach rabbi for more information: