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Making Aliyah?

Responsum: The word mitzvah can mean good deed, but, technically, it refers to one of the 613 mitzvot or commandments in the Torah. This number was originally stated by Rabbi Simlai in the third century (Makkot 23b);² since then dozens o...

Posted on 23 February 2013, By Rabbi David Golinkin
Why Do Jews Sway When They Pray?

Responsum: Like many Jewish customs, the origins of shucklen– a common Yiddish word which means to shake or rock – are shrouded in mystery.1 We can say when it was done and where but not why. This is because many customs wer...

Posted on 16 February 2013, By Rabbi David Golinkin
Reading the Megillah Early?

Responsum: In time of emergency it is permissible to read the megillah before sunset beginning from “pelag haminhah” which is one-and-one-quarter “hours” before sunset (one “hour” = one twelfth of the daylight). Thus it will b...

Posted on 9 February 2013, By Rabbi David Golinkin