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Milking on Shabbat

Responsum: In the 1950s, two of the major halakhic authorities in Israel, Rabbi Yishayahu Karelitz (Hazon Ish) and Rabbi Shaul Israeli (Amud Hayemini) dealt with this question, and reached the conclusion that the use of an automatic milk...

Posted on 24 July 2014, By Rabbi David Golinkin
The Abbreviated Repetition of the Amidah?

Responsum: The sages of the Mishnah (Rosh Hashanah 4:9 and parallels) ruled that the main purpose of the loud repetition of the Amidah was to allow a person who did not know how to recite the Amidah to fulfill his obligation. However, on...

Posted on 13 April 2013, By Rabbi David Golinkin
Calling Adopted Children to the Torah ??

Responsum: In general, it is permissible to call him or her up using the names of the adoptive parents and, indeed, this has been the ruling of most modern authorities. They derive this ruling from a number of aggadic or non-legal sources...

Posted on 2 March 2013, By Rabbi David Golinkin