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Parashat Shoftim (Devarim 17: 14-20)

14 When you will come to the land that YHWH, your God, is giving you and possess it and dwell in it, and you will say, “I shall place a king over me like all the nations that surround me,” 15 you will surely place a kin...

Posted on 18 August 2020, By Nahum Gordon
Parashat Pinchas, Shabbat 11 July 2020/19 Tammuz 5780

God told Moses, “Behold, I give him (Pinchas) My covenant of peace and it will be a covenant of an everlasting priesthood to him and to his offspring after him….” [Num. 25:12-13].  Why did Pinchas deserve two divine gifts? We h...

Posted on 9 July 2020, By Nahum Gordon
Spotlight on the Talmudic Sages: Eliezer ben Hyrcanus

Yehuda HaNasi: With Yehoshua ben Chananyah, you smuggled your teacher, Yochanan ben Zakkai, out of a besieged Jerusalem in a coffin. He proceeded to create the yeshivah at Yavneh and the rabbis who would defy Rome. You helped to save the ...

Posted on 18 December 2018, By Nahum Gordon