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Parashat Bo, 5781

During the first lockdown in March and April last year, as Pesach 5780 approached, there was a joke going round. There were variations, but they all featured an unnamed Pharaoh shaking his head...

Posted on 20 January 2021, By Meira Ben-Gad
Vayeshev/Shabbat Chanuka

וַיִּמְצָאֵהוּ אִישׁ וְהִנֵּה תֹעֶה בַּשָּׂדֶה וַיִּשְׁאָלֵהוּ הָאִישׁ לֵאמֹר מַה־תְּבַקֵּשׁ׃   A man came upon him wandering in the fields. Th...

Posted on 10 December 2020, By BZ Gilinsky
Parashat Bereishit, Shabbat 17 October 2020

Have you ever wondered how long Jews have been listening to the reading of the Torah? How about the scribe and priest Ezra? He read the scroll of the “Torah of Moses” on both days of Rosh HaShanah and every day of Succot to all the pe...

Posted on 15 October 2020, By Nahum Gordon