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Weathering the Storm: A seminar in response to the coronavirus crisis

By Masorti Judaism

Sunday 24th May

Sharing the resources of our Masorti communities and clergy, and in the spirit of Shavuot, we’ll be looking at the big questions together as Masorti Jews. There are many questions that are being asked as the plates shift around us.

Join us for one session or all of them as we try to grapple with what values continue to be the foundations of the lives we create.

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Full programme details:

12-12.50 pm
Continuity and Change: How do we maintain Shabbat at the centre of our communal life?
Rabbi Joel Levy & Rabbi Zahavit Shalev

1-1.50 pm
Pikuach Nefesh: Processing mental and physical health needs within a crisis.
Rabbi Oliver Joseph & Rabbi Danny Newman

2-2.50 pm
Drawing from Deep Wells: What is spiritual leadership at this time?
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg & Rabbi Art Green

3-3.50 pm
Creation and Catastrophe: How theology can help us deal with crises.
Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet & Rabbi Natasha Mann

4-4.50 pm
Responding to the ‘Needs of the Moment’: A look at the Emergency Principle (Hora’at Sha’ah) in Jewish Law
Rabbi Chaim Weiner & Rabbi Jeremy Gordon

5-5.30 pm
Closing Thoughts
Rachel Sklan & Rabbi Amanda Golby

For more information, contact Rachel Sklan

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Posted on 8 May 2020