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Upcoming Events


Aviv: SAMS Spring Festival

Location: St Albans Masorti Synagogue
Date: 8 March 2020, 1-4pm

All are welcome at Aviv: SAMS Spring Festival. Highlights include a talk by Dr Phil Porter on ‘Hertfordshire, the High Arctic and ...

Do you know who you are?

Location: Edgware Masorti Synagogue
Date: 18 February 2020, 7.15pm

Start your genealogical journey at EMS.  With guest speaker Jeanette Rosenberg from The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great ...

Biblical Women in the era of #metoo – Lamentations

Location: New North London Synagogue
Date: 8 July 2020, 8.15pm

War porn? Jerusalem besieged is a sad, desolate woman. Since time immemorial, beleaguered cities have been personified as grieving w...