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The Leadership Series

We are very excited to launch our Masorti Leadership Series, a series of four high-level sessions aimed at community leaders, and anyone interested in becoming more involved. These sessions explore our search for purpose through...

Posted on 23 April 2020, By Masorti Judaism
What to read now that we can’t go out?

A few summers ago, I studied at Pardes in Jerusalem. It was a life-changing experience, mostly for the animated conversations I hadJ with my fellow students. We would meet at the bakery round the corner, and chat intensely while ordering ...

Posted on 23 April 2020, By Janine Stein

There is a pervasive myth in Jewish tradition that menstruating women cannot touch the Torah scroll. This myth hasn’t appeared out of the blue – this week’s Torah portion is about the interaction between ritual purity/impurity a...

Posted on 23 April 2020, By Rabbi Natasha Mann