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Abraham Abulafia

Here’s a riddle for you: who is both a Maimonidean and a Kabbalist, both an ascetic and a Messiah-claimant, both extremely-influential and yet nearly unknown? There’s only one person that fits the bill, and his life is even stranger t...

Posted on 7 May 2020, By Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet

At the end of the section of this week’s parasha dealing with the regulations concerning priests, comes the following verse: “You shall not profane My Holy Name, but I will be sanctified among the children of Israel.” This tells us ...

Posted on 7 May 2020, By Allan Myers
Acharei Mot – Kedoshim: On Being a Holy Community

I’ve been surprised many times over these strange weeks by the sense of community that is available while I’m sitting in my living room. I live alone – just me and Nifal, my frolicking feline friend – and so days go by in ...

Posted on 30 April 2020, By Rabbi Natasha Mann