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Session 2 – 16:45

Race, Diversity and the Jews
Stephen Bush, Political Editor of the New Statesman and Chair of the Board of Deputies’ Commission on Racial Inclusivity, speaks to Rabbi Oliver Joseph of New North London Synagogue, about his life, career and issues of racism that concern us all. 

Israel’s elections: what comes next? 
As Israel goes to the polls for the fourth time in two years Anshel Pfeffer, correspondent and columnist for Haaretz, gives his expert opinion on the key issues, important players, likely outcomes and how they will affect Israel’s future. In conversation with Dr Leonie Fleischmann, Co-Chair of Masorti Judaism. 

Noam’s rabbinic death match
See what Noam’s young people get up to each summer as they debate the thorniest moral and religious issues with our rabbis. 

Daf Yomi
Join hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world as they learn a daily page of Talmud. Come and study with one of our best Talmud teachers Rabbi Chaim Weiner. For everyone from total beginners to advanced learners.