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Jewish Democracy

Within hours of the Kenneset passing a deeply divisive ‘Jewish Nation State’ Act something utterly baffling happened in Israel. A Rabbi was arrested, in Israel, for the crime of celebrating a marriage between two Jews accordin...

Posted on 20 July 2018, By Rabbi Jeremy Gordon
The Embassy Moves…

Like so many others, I am horrified by the riots, shooting and deaths at the Israel Gaza border. No amount of ceremonial in Jerusalem can take away the fact that those terrible events will bring more pain, grief, anger and despair for bot...

Posted on 15 May 2018, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Bombing Judaism

I mean the rockets landing on Israel, causing people to run to shelters, taking few lives only because of the remarkable success of the Iron Dome. I mean the bullets which kill Israeli soldiers, cut off their young lives and leave their f...

Posted on 4 August 2014, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg