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Oxford Masorti Group

The Oxford Jewish Centre provides for the needs of all Jews in Oxford, whether permanent residents, students or visitors. We hold services for Orthodox, Masortiand Progressive forms of prayer, sometimes simultaneously. Members of the community, whatever worship they participate in, are equal members of the congregation, and all of the many communal activities here are open to all.

The Oxford Masorti Group meets within the Oxford Jewish Congregation on the last Shabbat of every month. Our egalitarian services are conducted using the traditional Hebrew liturgy from the Singer’s siddur. After the service we join the community’s Orthodox minyan for a communal Kiddush. Those who want to listen are welcomed equally with those – adults and children – who are able and willing to take an active part in the service.

Community services
  • Our own synagogue building
  • Weekday services
  • Cheder (religion school)
  • Bar/bat-mitzvah and teenage classes
  • Children’s services
  • Adult education
  • Social and cultural events
  • Events for young adults
  • Playgroup/parent and child activities
  • Activities for older members
  • Burial society

To find out more about Oxford Masorti: