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Masorti Kollel 2019-2020: Enrolling Now!

By Masorti Judaism

The Masorti Kollel offers high level study for learners who want to grapple with Jewish texts in their original language. Our goal is not to teach about Judaism, but for learners to become independent readers of the tradition.

We study the text in depth – with an emphasis on understanding every word and every commentary. Most participants in the Kollel haven’t studied Talmud in depth before, and many use English translations which are always available.

Our discussion is about the meaning of the Talmudic debate – not the grammar or the vocabulary. Most people enjoy this discussion and find over time that their familiarity with the Talmud really grows.

VENUE: The Kollel takes place on Wednesday mornings at New North London Synagogue and is a 3-hour intense Talmud experience.

TEXT: This year we are going to be studying the 6th chapter of Rractate Brachot. The subject of the chapter is ‘Prayers and Blessings’

COST: £499 for the whole year. This price is highly subsidised. Scholarships are available for people for whom this cost is an obstacle. Students who are able to are invited to make an additional contribution to help us cover costs.

To register for the Masorti Kollel, please fill in this form.

Or for more information, contact us.

Posted on 2 October 2019