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Kelim 2019

By Masorti Judaism

Did you know that Masorti Judaism runs a 3-week intensive Jewish text study course at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem? This year, the course was led by Rabbi Roni Tabick, and we’re delighted to announce that the programme was a great success.

But don’t just take our word for it…read what participants had to say:

For me Kelim was an incredible opportunity to explore the questions I had regarding my own Jewish identity. It was the perfect environment to have open conversations with those more knowledgeable than myself and would highly recommend this programme to anyone finding their own Jewish identity, or just wanting to learn more! – Miki Friend

Kelim, for me, was a great opportunity to explore Judaism on a far deeper level than I had ever done previously. It allowed me to gain a better understanding of many aspects of Judaism, whilst also providing a space for me to come to terms with my own beliefs and practices. I would highly recommend Kelim to anyone hoping to get a better grasp of Judaism, both on a personal and more fundamental level. – Jacob Smith

There are very few experiences I’ve had that have been more transformative for me than Kelim. Beforehand, my view of Jewish text learning was very set in stone, but after three weeks of studying Mishna with Rabbi Joel, Talmud with Rabbi Roni, and various other other classes (including a particularly excellent one on kingship in the Tanach), I not only feel like I have the means to go on and learn more for myself, but my relationship to Jewish texts is a lot more positive and personal. I feel I can now interpret things to fit my relationship with my own Jewish identity. – Daniel Marx

I would like to express my great gratitude for giving me the chance to take part in the Kelim programme this summer. Kelim has enriched and furthered my understanding of Judaism and made me excited about being a Masorti Jew. Studying at the CY was an incredible opportunity to spend time with people from around the world with similar beliefs, learn under inspiring teachers and explore my own relationship with Judaism. It has inspired me to seek ways to further my studies in the UK and to try to impart some of what I learnt as a Madrich on Noam camp this summer. – Abe Tolley

Posted on 25 July 2019