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Streaming services and events over the High Holydays

By Masorti Judaism

Stream services and events with our many Synagogues over the High Holydays. Membership is not required to join these events.  

Click here for instructions to switch on and leave your computer running in a halachic-friendly way, without having to engage with it to stream services.

NOAM Masorti Youth
Elstree and Borehamwood Masorti Community
Kol Nefesh Masorti
Mosaic Masorti
New Essex Masorti Synagogue
New London Synagogue
New North London Synagogue
St Albans Masorti Synagogue
Stoke Newington Masorti Synagogue

Home Holy Days: Noam’s online event for the High Holy Days, Sunday 27th September

Noam is running engaging online activities for ages Year 3 up to Bogrim (school leaver) to help bring community spirit into your home.

Zeraim (Years 3-4) 2-3pm: Our wonderful Noam Madrichim will be running an engaging High Holydays activity with plenty of games including an at-home scavenger hunt.
Shorashim (Years 5-6) 2-3pm: Noam Madrichim will lead a fun High Holydays session with lots of activities including quizzes and competitions.
Nevatim (Years 7-8) 3-4pm: Our Moetza (youth council) will discuss their Kol Nidrei Appeal to tackle food insecurity.
Nofim (Years 9-10):
2-3pm: Session run by Rene Cassin (the Jewish human rights charity) about the Uyghur Muslim crisis happening in China.
3-4pm: Our Moetza (youth council) will be discussing their Kol Nidrei Appeal to tackle food insecurity.

Sign up here!


In the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur EBMC will be holding a series of short family activities on Zoom. 

Streaming will be available for the following Yom Tov services: 

Erev Shabbat Shuva 25th September
5.30pm Friday night service with Rabbi Danny and Chazzan Roland

Havdallah 26th September
7.50pm With Rabbi Danny and Chazzan Roland. Shabbat ends at 19:38.

Erev Yom Kippur 
4.00pm Family Service 
4pm A Kol Nidrei service will be held on Zoom before Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur 
7.33pm Neilah service to be held as soon as the fast ends  

Email for access to their website. 


A series of podcasts, recordings and music for the High Holydays can be found on the Kol Nefesh website.

Kol Nefesh will be running a nightly series of events about the Noachide code, beginning on Sunday September 20th until Motzei Shabbat September 26th. 

The period of the High Holy Days is our culturally mandated time for reflecting on our lives. It provides an opportunity for turning over our core values and assumptions and pondering which areas of our lives we need to develop and work on. 

Each year Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue offers a unique ten-day spiritual retreat during the Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As a community we take a pertinent theme and explore it in depth from a variety of perspectives. 

This year we will be exploring the rabbinic idea that humans are all bound to keep a set of common laws called the “Shevah Mitsvot Bnei Noah” – the seven commandments of the descendants of Noah. In this season we imagine that all humans pass before God to be judged; but judged for what? We will examine how these Noachide rules evolved and what they say about the bonds of obligation linking all humans. 

Please join us for all or some of the shiurim this year! All sessions are stand-alone, requiring no background knowledge. 

Please note that almost all evening sessions will have the following 3-fold structure. You are welcome to come for just part of the programme. 

  • 7:40-8:00 pm – Mini-S’lichot 
  • 8–9 pm – Session 
  • 9:00-9:20 – Reflections and processing 

All shiurim will be via the Kol Nefesh Zoom link

In each of these shiurim we will look at one of the seven classical Noachide laws in detail. 

  • Thursday 24th September – No evening session. 
  • Thursday 24th September – 3:00–4:30pm: Rabbi Joel will lead a discussion on “Strange Worship” or Idolatry. Are non-Jews prohibited from worshiping their own Gods? 
  • Friday 25th September – Rabbi Joel will speak in the KNMS pre-Shabbat Zoom service about the prohibition against theft. 5:00pm Minchah, 5:15 Hellos, 5:30 Yedid Nefesh, Leyning: D’var Torah – “What is property and what is theft?”, 6:00 Prayers for the community, the country, the State of Israel, the sick. Kaddish, 6:10-6:30 Kabbalat Shabbat 
  • Motzei Shabbat 26th September 7.50pm – Rabbi Joel will be in conversation with senior veterinarian Daniel Preter on the Noachide prohibition against “tearing a limb from a living animal” and how attitudes to animal welfare have changed.

Streaming will be available for the following services: 

Kabbalat Shabbat Shuva 
Friday 25th September – 5.30pm 

Pre-Kol Nidrei 
Sunday 27th September – 4.30pm 

Contact to book 


Please visit the NEMS website for High Holy Day resources, including audio files of the services for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur and stories from NEMS members about their personal High Holy Day experiences.  


We are offering three ways to participate in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with us this year. 

All in-building services will be streamed online here.

Services before Yom Tov comes in (Kol Nidrei 5pm, Sunday 27th Sept) will, in addition, be Zoomed and streamed to our FB page.

We have also pre-uploaded material including a one hour community-led journey through the RH service, mini-divrei-torah and liturgical highlights. You can find our community project video here and links there to our Facebook page where all the videos are uploaded.

Youth have their own page where we are uploading a children’s service and other materials.  Our fab toddler’s service is here. 

Streaming will be available for the following services: R

Erev Yom Kippur 
5pm Kol Nidrei

Yom Kippur 
5.45pm Yizkor 
6pm Neilah  

Services are available by clicking here.


Streaming will be available for the following services:

Shabbat Shuva 25th September
Streamed via Facebook Live here.
5.45pm pre-Shabbat service with Minchah, short Torah reading and commentary, prayers for the community, the week;s Yartzheits, Sermon and short L’Chaim
6.40pm Kaballat Shabbat

Yom Kippur 
10.00am Adult Shacharit Service 
12pm Family Service
2pm Adult Mussaf Service
4.45pm Reading of Jonah and commentary 
6.15pm Neilah Service

You can access services via the NNLS YouTube channel  and further instruction for logging on to Rosh Hashana services is available here


Streaming will be available for the following sessions:

27th September – ‘All these vows’ – a reflection on the text and history of Kol Nidre (5pm) 

Contact to book 


Streaming will be available for the following services: 

Kabbalat Shabbat Shuva 
Friday 25th September – 5.30pm (log in here)

Sunday 27th September – 11.30am 

Pre-Kol Nidrei 
Sunday 27th September – 5.45pm 

Post-Yom Kippur Havdalah 
Monday 28th September – 9pm 

Log-in details will be published on the Stoke Newington Masorti Synagogue Facebook page. 

Posted on 15 September 2020