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Jewish Ritual

Lag B’Omer 5781

A few years ago, I arrived in Jerusalem on the evening of Lag B’Omer.  As my Nesher sherut approached the city, I could see through the darkness street lights twinkling on the hills and car lights illuminating the streets and h...

Posted on 26 April 2021, By Rabbi Daniella Kolodny
Parashat Tsav / Shabbat Ha-gadol 5781

We are told: take a lamb for each household, or share one between two small households, and on the 14th of Nisan slaughter it at twilight. Smear some of its blood on the two doorposts and the lintel of the home where the lamb will be eate...

Posted on 25 March 2021, By Rabbi Peretz Rodman
Spotlight on 2020 by our Co-Chairs

As Co-Chairs of Masorti Judaism, we are immensely proud of what has been achieved by all our communities in this most challenging of years. We have had to embrace so many new and different ways of working and communicating but rather than...

Posted on 23 March 2021, By Masorti Judaism