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Shabbat HaChodesh

This Shabbat is the last of the four special Shabbatot which started with Shabbat Shekalim. On each of these Shabbatot, our Maftir comes from a second Sefer Torah, and there is a spec...

Posted on 20 March 2020, By Rabbi Amanda Golby
On Same Sex Ceremonies of Commitment at New London Synagogue

This, and other issues related to same-sex commitment, test every element of our religious and congregational make-up. In the paper that follows there are reflections on theology, the role of ritual, the nature of married life and the rea...

Posted on 3 February 2020, By Rabbi Jeremy Gordon

A verse in the book of Amos attacks Edom, Esau’s descendants, saying shichet rachamav  – ‘he destroyed (i.e. suppressed) his pity.’ A midrash then reads not ‘pity’, (rachamim), but ‘womb’, rechem, and links it to ...

Posted on 2 December 2019, By Daniel Oppenheimer