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European Masorti Bet Din

The role of the European Masorti Bet Din is to provide rabbinic services that require special expertise. It works in five key areas: conversion, kashrut, divorce, mediation and ruling on halachic questions in specific areas of Jewish law.


We’re proud of our welcoming and practical approach to prospective converts and mixed-faith couples. Several of our communities run informative and enjoyable conversion programmes. All Masorti conversions are supervised and approved by the Bet Din. As an affiliate of the International Rabbinical Assembly, we can help those who have converted with us if they choose to live in Israel or if they move to other Masorti/Conservative communities around the world. As well as straightforward conversions, we help people who have been brought up Jewish but whose halachic status is in doubt.


The director of the Bet Din, Rabbi Chaim Weiner, is a trained mesader gittin – a rabbi qualified to write a get (divorce document) and officiate in divorce proceedings. We ensure that all halachic requirements are met and provide a supportive environment for those who are going through this difficult time in their lives.

Mediation and legal rulings

The Bet Din is occasionally called upon to help mediate conflicts both within and between communities. We also rule on more complicated questions of Jewish law.

Kosher supervision: Introducing the one day license

The Bet Din supervises the preparation of kosher food under the Masorti Kosher label. Caterers who are not usually kosher can now apply for a one-day licence for a single event. Tell your caterer you require a kosher meal supervised by the Masorti Bet Din.

We will then:

  • Go over your menus and check all ingredients ensuring they are kosher.
  • We can advise substitutions if necessary, and can help source kosher supplies
  • Kosher the kitchen where the food is being prepared and get it ready for kosher food preparation
  • Serve the food on our own kosher dishes
  • Oversee the preparation and serving of the food, and make sure that all of our requirements are adhered to
  • Make sure there are certificates on all tables so guests know the food is kosher.

All this happens behind the scenes, leaving you and your guests to enjoy a tasty and kosher meal.


Rabbi Chaim Weiner, Av Bet Din

Rabbi Chaim Weiner,
Av Bet Din

Our director and Av Bet Din Rabbi Chaim Weiner

Rabbi Chaim Weiner was ordained at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem. He is a former national director of Noam Israel and has served as Rabbi of Edgware Masorti Synagogue and New London Synagogue. Rabbi Weiner is the founder and director of the European Masorti Bet Din and directs the European Region of the world Masorti movement. He is well known for organising and leading inspiring educational trips to destinations across Europe and north Africa and for his work developing Jewish communities Europe.

To read articles by Rabbi Weiner please check out his blogs: My Hebrew Word and A Question of Jewish Law.

To find out more about the European Masorti Bet Din please get in touch