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About Masorti Judaism

Masorti Judaism: Traditional Judaism for Modern Jews

Imagine a place where you could… meet Jewish people from all walks of life, learn and grow as an individual, shape your children’s Jewish identity, and give back as a leader or volunteer.

Welcome to Masorti Judaism Every week, our communities bring people together in meaningful prayer services and connect them with inspirational rabbis. We teach their children, guide them through important life events like bar/bat-mitzvah, marriage and bereavement, and inspire them to deepen their involvement in Jewish life. Masorti Judaism sponsors Noam, one of the most successful and dynamic Jewish youth movements in the country. Marom, Masorti Students and Young Adults, works with 18-30 year olds, keeping them involved in Jewish life. And the European Masorti Bet Din offers a compassionate, responsible approach to conversion, divorce and kosher food. Our purpose in Masorti Judaism is to support a flourishing network of welcoming, traditional Jewish communities across the UK. We hope you’ll join us.

You can find out more about the principles and values of Masorti Judaism, here