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Parashat Toldot

We live in a time of polarisation and conflict. The roots of many universal phenomena are found in the stories of the book of Genesis. The reading this week investigates the roots of social conflict.   T...

Posted on 17 November 2020, By Rabbi Chaim Weiner
Parashat Chayyei Sarah – Shabbat, 14 November 2020

Twelve pre-Barmitzvah boys were spending their early Wednesday evenings discussing Bible stories with me.  We had reached the Akedah. They had plenty of great questions:  Q1: Why did God want to test Abraham?&nbs...

Posted on 9 November 2020, By Nahum Gordon
Parashat Vayera, 5781

Fifty years ago, the Israeli novelist Hanoch Bartov published a novel whose title has always intrigued me: Whose Little Boy Are You? That question comes to mind as we read the story of the birth of Isaac (Genesis 21). A careful ...

Posted on 5 November 2020, By Rabbi Peretz Rodman