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You shall not bear false witness

The ninth utterance prohibits false witness testimony. This is not a general prohibition on lying, but is connected to the necessity for a correctly functioning legal system within which honest witness testimony is a crucial component. Th...

Posted on 5 June 2019, By Rabbi Joel Levy
You shall not steal

The medieval Bible commentator Ovadiah ben Jacob Sforno included the injunction against misleading (g’neivat da’at) under the eighth commandment ‘you shall not steal’. In the case of g’neivat da’at, a person is ‘stealing’ ...

Posted on 5 June 2019, By Rabbi Daniella Kolodny
You shall not commit adultery

As a newly ordained Rabbi, I wasn’t prepared for the damage adultery would wreck on families in the communities I have served – across multiple generations. The Talmudic tractate Gittin ends with a discussion on the grounds for se...

Posted on 5 June 2019, By Rabbi Jeremy Gordon