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In this week’s parasha we read about the case of someone who wrongs his fellow human being. The language of the Torah is rather vague about exactly what the wrong is – ‘ki yaasu mi-kol chatot ha-adam, lim’ol ma’al bAdonai...

Posted on 13 June 2019, By Daniel Oppenheimer
The Ten [Masorti] Commandments

To coincide with the festival of Shavuot, the Masorti rabbinic team have put together this fantastic booklet, outlining their unique take on the Ten Commandments. Highlights include: Is there a difference between killing and murder? Can w...

Posted on 5 June 2019, By Masorti Judaism
You shall not covet…

The two versions of the Ten Commandments, the first in the Parashat Yitro, the second in Va’etchanan, (the book of Deuteronomy being a Mishneh Torah or reiteration) show a slight difference in order and language, although the message re...

Posted on 5 June 2019, By Chazan Jaclyn Chernett