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I’d like to invite you to consider that this week’s parashah is the most important of all of Torah. To support this, I’ll turn to a variety of sources, some ancient, some modern, some controversial. How might we calculate the ‘cen...

Posted on 8 May 2019, By Michael Mocatta
The Yellow Candle Project

In 2015 I was sent as a delegate of Masorti Judaism to the 37th World Zionist Congress. I was also on a secret mission, using the congress as a front for an altogether more important project. Matt Plen, our Chief Executive, had been devel...

Posted on 1 May 2019, By Nick Gendler
Achrei Mot

Chapter 18, verse 5 of the book of Vayikra states, Ushmartem et chukotai v’et mishpatai asher y’aseh otam ha’adam v’chai b’hem. Ani Adonai.  You shall keep my laws and my rules, in pursuit of which man shall live. I am The ...

Posted on 1 May 2019, By Allan Myers