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On the Arba Minim of Sukkot

Once we had no choice but to live in a sukkah. Having escaped slavery, wandering in the wilderness for forty years and making temporary huts, we came to understand the fragility of life, the essentially transient nature of the human condi...

Posted on 20 September 2018, By Angela Gluck
On the poetry of Yom Kippur

Opening the Machzor on the High Holidays is like returning to the company of an old friend. On each page we might recall past interactions and thoughts and then find ourselves challenged by new insights. On Erev Yom Kippur we recite the p...

Posted on 13 September 2018, By Rabbi Daniella Kolodny
On the Rosh Hashanah Amidah

The remarkable Amidah for the Musaf service on Rosh Hashanah contains three unique and distinctive meditations: the Malchuyot, concerning God’s sovereignty; the Zichronot, about memory; and the Shofarot about the shofar and revelation. ...

Posted on 4 September 2018, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg