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Masorti Liverpool celebrates its first Bar Mitzvah

Prior to relocating to Liverpool from London I was an active member of Kol Nefesh Masorti for 14 years. I knew I would miss KNM, but I didn’t realise how much. That was three and a half years ago, and after six or so months of moaning t...

Posted on 23 August 2018, By Rena Pearl

Parashat Re’eh is long – it is, in fact, the longest parashah in Deuteronomy – and it contains many different themes. The 126 verses address, amongst other things, the Shalosh Regalim, the laws of kashrut, false prophets, dealing wi...

Posted on 9 August 2018, By James Burns
Women in Synagogue Life

We emerged in Biblical times. Society was patriarchal. Invariably, men were leaders of the pack, be they chieftains, prophets, monarchs, military campaigners, priests, scribes or administrators. And God’s curse on Eve: ‘…and your hu...

Posted on 2 August 2018, By Nahum Gordon