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Ki Tavo

This is an extraordinary parashah near the end of Devarim, the book of Deuteronomy.  It starts on a national theme – entry into the Holy Land, flowing with milk and honey – and then deals with the ceremony of the presentation of the ...

Posted on 30 August 2018, By Alan Orchover

I can’t have been the only child who, having learnt the rule that once you’ve asked someone for forgiveness three times the sin then falls on the other person if they don’t forgive you, tended to apologise by asking: “do you forg...

Posted on 30 August 2018, By Rabbi Roni Tabick
Words Can Kill

Speech is dangerous. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Words can be offensive, painful and harmful. Insults have started wars, ruthless orders have murdered millions. So why has the right to freedom of speech been central to eve...

Posted on 23 August 2018, By Adam Wagner