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The first Shabbat after Tisha b’Av is known as ‘Shabbat Nachamu’ from the first words of the Haftara written by Isaiah: ‘Nachamu, nachamu’ – ‘Console yourselves’. And we need consolation after the three sad weeks between t...

Posted on 26 July 2018, By Chazan Jaclyn Chernett

Entering Deuteronomy, we stand with the tribes of Israel, gathered for a farewell address from Moses, known from biblical and rabbinic traditions as the wise, benevolent, dedicated Moshe Rabbenu (‘our teacher’, ‘our master’). Mose...

Posted on 19 July 2018, By Rabbi Peretz Rodman

In Mattot-Masei, we learn of Zelophehad’s daughters and their successful inheritance claim on property in the Promised Land. The story has all the trappings of a proto-feminist Biblical footnote, a fact substantiated by the sisters’ r...

Posted on 13 July 2018, By Chloe Julius