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Outnumbered 34b

The comedy programme Outnumbered contains the following classic scene (edited): Father: You should never, ever, hit a person. Ben (his son): What if they’re attacking you with a shovel? Father: Well, obviously, yeah. That would be defen...

Posted on 26 July 2018, By Daniel Oppenheimer
Rabbi Akiva

How is Rabbi Akiva best known to us? Through the story in the Pesach Haggadah about the rabbis staying up all night studying the exodus from Egypt? Through Rabbi Akiva’s assertion that the Song of Songs is the holiest of the Writings? O...

Posted on 19 July 2018, By Rabbi Daniella Kolodny
On the Spirituality of the Amidah

The editors of the Siddur Otzar Hatefillot (A Treasury of Prayers), published in Vilna 1914 prefaced their compendious work with an impassioned introduction. They described how, after the destruction of the Temple, Ezra, the Elders and Pr...

Posted on 13 July 2018, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg