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A famous teaching in Bereshit Rabbah (a midrashic commentary on the Book of Genesis) tells us, “The acts of the fathers; a sign for the children”. This means that every act of our ancestors is a lesson for us and for future generati...

Posted on 16 November 2017, By Devora Greenberg
Chayei Sarah

What is the significance of this seemingly prosaic transaction between a man and the owner of a small plot of land? Perhaps it was to establish the unbreakable bond between our people and the land of Israel. It is, after all, the first ma...

Posted on 9 November 2017, By Nick Gendler
Armistice Day 2017

In Britain, the first official Armistice Day events were held at Buckingham Palace and led by King George V on 11 November 1919. They marked the first anniversary of the armistice signed at Compiègne, which ended the fighting on the West...

Posted on 9 November 2017, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg