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“And Jacob was left alone: and a man (ish) wrestled with him until the breaking of the day” (Gen. 32:25).  In the words of Nehama Leibowitz, this is a “mystery-shrouded narrative”. Who, or what, was this ish? He is not called an...

Posted on 30 November 2017, By Michael Rose

A famous teaching in Bereshit Rabbah (a midrashic commentary on the Book of Genesis) tells us, “The acts of the fathers; a sign for the children”. This means that every act of our ancestors is a lesson for us and for future generati...

Posted on 16 November 2017, By Devora Greenberg

There’s a lot of looking and seeing in parashat Vayera. The parashah opens with God appearing to Abraham – “Now God was seen by him [Vayera YHVH elav]” – as he was sitting by the entrance to his tent (Gen. 18:1). In the next ...

Posted on 1 November 2017, By Robert Stone