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Conservatve Judaism Today and Tomorrow—Mitzvah

When you’re a rabbi, every person you meet will sooner or later ask you: ‘So, why did you decide to become a rabbi?’ In fact, it’s an entirely valid question. After all, being clergy is something we see as a real vocation, someth...

Posted on 30 August 2017, By Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet
Ki Teitzei

At first glance, this week’s parashah reads as a manifesto of the patriarchy holding tight to power while trying to be nice. It begins, “When you go out to war…” and you rape a woman and pillage land, don’t be utterly ghastly to...

Posted on 30 August 2017, By Dina Pinner
Ki Tavo

In our society there is a widely held belief that morality is essentially concerned with two things – helping (or at least not harming) people, and being fair. We have significant disagreements about what those two ideas mean, but the u...

Posted on 30 August 2017, By Daniel Oppenheimer