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Ki Tisa

The Divine Case Against Fundamentalism Religion is a crutch for those who cannot think for themselves. At least that is a common conception. The logic goes that we seek religious authority so that somebody else takes responsibility for ou...

Posted on 15 March 2017, By Dr Shaiya Rothberg

The Blind Leading the Lame Parashat Vayikra begins the Torah’s discussion of sacrificial law. In introducing the various sacrifices, the Torah refers to what happens “when adam [any “person”] presents an offering of cattle to th...

Posted on 9 March 2017, By Ilana Kurshan
What is a man? What is a woman?

In honour of International Women’s Day here are some vexing questions about gender: What is a man? What is a woman? What are the qualities that make a man manly, that make a woman womanly?   In the Western world, the crude stereotypes...

Posted on 8 March 2017, By Zahavit Shalev