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Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow – Learning

The following is an extract from the book ‘Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow’, by Professor Arnold Eisen. The central questions facing every individual Jew and every generation of Jews are these: What role will we play in fulfi...

Posted on 22 March 2017, By Anne Cowen
The Ten Commandments or the Golden Calf

The weekly portion of Ki Tisa – and the sin of the calf that lies at its centre – teaches us how fast, how terrifying and how extreme the process can be wherein a nation moves from a future that is moral and correct to a dangerous roa...

Posted on 15 March 2017, By Yizhar Hess
What is a man? What is a woman?

In honour of International Women’s Day here are some vexing questions about gender: What is a man? What is a woman? What are the qualities that make a man manly, that make a woman womanly?   In the Western world, the crude stereotypes...

Posted on 8 March 2017, By Zahavit Shalev