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Manna  Despite leaving Egypt with vast herds of cattle and sheep, and witnessing (at the start of this Sedrah) one of the greatest miracles ever (the crossing of the Red Sea), within six weeks of the Exodus the children of Israel have st...

Posted on 8 February 2017, By Mike Fenster
The New North London Drop-In

Eleven years ago, the New North London Synagogue Destitute Asylum Seeker Drop-In first opened its doors at a community centre in East Finchley and twelve shul members welcomed one solitary client. The Drop-In has been held every month s...

Posted on 1 February 2017, By Deborah Koder

Only nine and a half weeks left to buy your matzoh for Passover. Yes, this week the first faint stirrings of Pesah are felt. And this echo of the great Passover holiday to come is always felt around this time of the year, when we read P...

Posted on 1 February 2017, By Rabbi Roderick Young