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One of Israel’s best-known poems, written by the famous Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernichovsky, is “I Believe”, also known as “Sachki, Sachki”. It opens as follows: “Laugh, laugh at all my dreams! What I dre...

Posted on 28 December 2016, By Devora Greenberg
My Masorti Journey

The short version is: Mijael. I’m in love with a Masorti rabbi, so one can only imagine what goes on in that kind of marriage to turn me into a good rebbetzin! But like many of you, I too have my own Jewish journey that led me to the Ma...

Posted on 21 December 2016, By Raya Even David

One of the questions debated by historians is how much impact a single individual can have on the course of history. There are certainly some individuals who have made a great difference to the world. But it can be argued that they would ...

Posted on 21 December 2016, By Rabbi Chaim Weiner