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The year of Noam Movement Work officially starts at Chazon – a training seminar in Israel run by UJIA for all Youth Movement staff. Chazon means ‘vision’ in Hebrew (same root as ‘Chazan’ – what a language!) and is a chance f...

Posted on 30 November 2016, By Guy Pollack

It is told of Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Alam that a voice from Heaven came to him in a dream, saying: “Be happy in your heart, because you will be with Nanas the butcher. Your place and his place are already fixed together in Paradise.” When...

Posted on 30 November 2016, By Rabbi Mijael Even David
Denominations in Judaism

The following is an extract from the book ‘Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow’ Almost every time I speak at a synagogue or other venue about Conservative Judaism, someone asks why we need multiple Jewish denominations. We Jews ar...

Posted on 23 November 2016, By Professor Arnold Eisen