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Point of Access During my first semester at university, I got introduced to email. You had to go to a computer lab on campus to connect to the virtual world. In graduate school I advanced to my own telephone line with a dial-up connection...

Posted on 31 August 2016, By Nizan Stein Kokin

Rewards and punishments, warnings, promises, storytelling, myth-making, along with shocking commands to mercilessly destroy entire peoples, and heart-rending reminders of how we forget the tender bonds of love with God and carelessly shat...

Posted on 17 August 2016, By Rabbi Lee Wax

Twice in the book of D’varim, including this week, Moses gives what seems to be a rather problematic instruction in the light of how Judaism subsequently developed. He says to the people, ‘You shall not add to the thing which I comm...

Posted on 16 August 2016, By Daniel Oppenheimer