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Peoplehood and Israel

Conservative Judaism was founded because of a unique commitment to Jewish peoplehood, and it retains that commitment today. In 1845, when Rabbi Zacharias Frankel called for a set of changes meant to conserve Jewish tradition in the new co...

Posted on 26 May 2016, By Professor Arnold Eisen
Masorti Jews in Bristol

This may sound like a nice story but it was not easy. Jews have been long established in Bristol since the beginning of 12th century. And they were Jews, just Jews or as some say the JEWS. Maybe those were easier times as Jews were just J...

Posted on 24 May 2016, By Yaakov (JJ) Martin

“The sound of a driven leaf shall chase them”.  A few verses at the beginning of the sedra describe the happiness which obedience to God’s laws will bring. These are followed by a long Tokhehah (reprimand), invoking in horrific det...

Posted on 24 May 2016, By Michael Rose